Traditional Kitchen Renovation

Luxury countertops, farmhouse sinks, raised-panel doors, decorative mouldings and corbels. If you want a traditional kitchen but don’t know where to start, just speak to us – we can help with every step of the design to ensure you get a kitchen you are truly proud of.

Small Kitchen Renovations

Need to make the most of small space in the heart of your home? We use modern styling and advanced carpentry techniques to give you the look of your dreams and maximise your space. Small can be beautiful…

Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Contemporary kitchens include cutting-edge appliances and using old materials used in a new way. We can incorporate hidden functionality like pop-up outlets and maximise your kitchen by using a mix of materials, shapes and scale. We have the experience and designers to give you exactly what you want.

Dublin Kitchen Conversions


We have all the knowledge and skills to manage all types of kitchen conversion projects – whether you want to redesign or just enhance. Our renovation specialists are here to help you so that your kitchen conversion project goes smoothly and is more affordable than you think!

Kitchen Island Additions

More worktop space, more storage space – could you use a little more of both? We can help you decide on the perfect kitchen island for your kitchen and taste. We tailor our kitchen island designs to your individual needs. We can give you the extra space you need, look you deserve and kitchen to be proud of.

Modern Kitchen Design

Whether you’re partial to an all-white design or live for a pop of color, there’s nothing like a sleek, modern kitchen. Elements of todays modern kitchen can include flat-panel doors, frameless, full-overlay cabinet construction, consistency of accent pieces. With emphasis on horizontal lines and great designs to ensure that the materials’ natural beauty pop! Talk to us – we are here to help!

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen designs include anything from cutting-edge appliances to creating new shapes and scale for your kitchen and everything in between. If this is the look you’re after, talk to us today and let’s discuss options and ideas for renovating your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design

Need to make the most of small space in the heart of your home? We use modern styling and advanced carpentry techniques to give you the look of your dreams and maximise your space. Small can be beautiful if you choose this Dublin based carpentry company.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Traditional kitchen designs include luxury countertops, raised-panel doors, decorative mouldings, corbels and sinks styled to match. Despite the rise in contemporary and farmhouse designs, traditional kitchens are still among the most popular Dublin kitchen styles. Their basic color palette and grandiose design scheme create a beautiful space that’s sure to stay within style trends that are timeless.

Cottage Kitchen Designs

Dublin country cottage kitchen designs? We can provide you with any kitchen design you dream of! We can include soft colours, open shelving, furniture style cabinetry, farmhouse sinks, hardwood or terracotta tile flooring with pendant lights. Our designers work closely with you to ensure you get ANY kitchen look you dream of – it’s what we do, for less than you think!

Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic kitchen designs in Dublin can include timber, stone, brick materials, vintage appliances, and fireplaces. Lately, there is an emergence with the rustic style in Dublin. This is even beginning to rival the classic white kitchen! We can guide you though your kitchen styling options and help you decide on what is best for you – simple!

Kitchen Design for Dublin? What to consider…

If you would like a free, no-obligation initial design and build consultation to discuss your kitchen renovation project, just get in touch. If you leave a message – we will contact you at a time that suits…simple!

We can help you with every aspect of your your kitchen renovation project. We are fast, clean, professionals who can match any styling of kitchen taste. The kitchen is the heart of your home so why not make it the focal point of your home. We create stylish and modern, rustic or traditional, with or without islands, restyle, refurbish, ad space change presses or just add shelving – the choices are endless!

The key feature of all our custom designed kitchens are our attention to detail; each area aspect of the room should have detailing and embellishments that looks layered, but not overbearing.

The Essential Elements of Dublin Kitchen Design

Here are the 7 basic features of Dublin kitchen styling to make your kitchen perfect

1. Decorative Details & Accessories
The main feature of a perfect style for a kitchen is the attention to detail and use of decorative accessories. We’re talking wainscoting on the island, crown moldings, corbels and furniture-like pieces with embellishments in every area of the room. All perfect kitchens have one thing in common – there should be an element of adornment, architectural design or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories.

2. Color Palette To Suit Your Individual Needs
Contemporary and modern kitchen designs focus on crisp, cool colors that highlight materials and bring a pop of edgy style to the space. On the other hand, other kitchens are all about sticking to a classic color palette. Dublin kitchens tend to lean towards warm and cool neutrals, like deep cherries and light beige.

3. Countertops Should Be A Primary Thought
Countertops bring the warmth to the kitchen design. Countertops are available in a wide range of colours and styles and each are as individual as our customers tastes. Some people lean towards luxurious countertop materials like Quartz or Granite while others choose hardwoods or custom veneers. You can opt for a design with lots of movement in the pattern, or (even better) choose a marble-imitating countertop like the classic Cambria Britannica quartz. Don’t worry – we are here to help and can guide you through every option!

4. Cabinet Styles
Modern Dublin kitchen styles lean towards Vintage or Raised Panel but we can custom build any design you can imagine. Traditional designs focus on cabinets with embellished style. Forego the basic shaker or plain style cabinet for a Vintage Raised Panel or Classic Raised Panel style cabinet door such as Driftwood finish can give your kitchen the perfect look when balanced correctly. Just ask – we are here to help!

5. Antique Finishes 
Staying within the neutral color palate, most Dublin kitchens have cabinets with glazes or antique finishes, rather than cabinets that appear more natural. Popular choices here are Cordovan stain on Cherry cabinets with a Sable Glaze or Antique White cabinets with a Walnut Glaze. All types of finishes or cabinets can be custom designed to ensure you get exactly the look you desire.

6. Backsplash
Colorful and highly patterned backsplashes in exciting materials have become popular choices for homeowners all over Dublin. It is worth considering that a busy backsplash can seem overwhelming and may complicate your kitchen space. If your kitchen has a lot going on already in terms of decorative accessories, we suggest keeping the backsplash simple in terms color, style and materials. Try a Solid Surface Corian backsplash with a diamond or subway pattern in Sandalwood or Glacier White for a simple backdrop that’s also functional, grout-free and enhances any kitchen.

7. Lighting
Love the look of a classic style chandelier? Ornate or Decorative chandeliers can look beautiful in a traditional kitchen! We can assist with every aspect of your kitchens design including the lighting. Decorative lighting is the best way to pull the whole kitchen’s look together, so pick your lighting last, but keep it in mind throughout your planning and designing process.

When you’re ready to start designing your traditional dream kitchen, schedule a free in-home design consultation and we’ll happily provide advice on the best options and finishes for the heart of your home!

Dublin Kitchen Designs by Expert Carpenters

We have the experience to ensure your Kitchen looks fantastic, is delivered on time and on for your budget – simple!