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We have all the knowledge and skills to manage all types of attic conversion projects. Whether you want to build or convert one. Our renovation specialists are here to help you so that your attic project goes smoothly and other than that, it is more affordable than you think!

Attic Window Additions

We expertly install a wide range of modern windows including velus and more. Extra windows significantly increases usable space while providing more natural light to the room. Contact us today to discuss if adding an attic window is the best option for you!

Your attic can be so much more

If you expand upward, you will will gain an additional room to do with what you will. From an additional bedroom to and additional office space, your attic can be used for your individual needs and we can ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

We have years of experience in Attic Conversions

Our experience and professional workers can handle every aspect of your attic conversion, from start to finish. Trust us to transform your attic space in to the perfect living space. From heating to lighting, partitions to flooring – we handle every aspect of your build.

Attic Conversion in Dublin, Meath & Wexford

Our attic conversions experts cover Dublin, Meath and Wexford. We offer affordable quality and are happy to help you with your attic conversion, where ever you may be. 

All types of Attic Coversion

Some homes are created with attic conversions in mind. This means that extra support is not needed, reducing the cost of the conversion. Regardless of wheather your attic conversion needs additional support (RSJ’s or otherwise) we offer exceptional value for money and will ensure that every aspect of the conversion is completed to the standards required, and better!

Attic Partition Walls and More

Your attic can be more than just one room and we can advise you on how to get tbe most from your new space. We can partition your attic area to give you additional rooms including bathrooms and more. Our Dublin based renovation specialists can help you design and convert a safe, comfortable, modern looking room or rooms for your family. For this reason, get in touch with us now!

Attic Conversions for Dublin? What to consider…

If you would like a free, no-obligation initial design consultation to discuss your project, just get in touch. If you leave a message, above all, we will contact you at a time that suits…simple!

We can help you increase the size of your existing home for a surprisingly low investment. We are fast, clean, professionals who can match any styling of home or taste. Don’t move rather improve! We will give you the extra space you need, without the hassle of moving.

Consider some of the following costs of moving to a bigger house:

  • Legal and conveyancing costs for the sale of your home.
  • Legal and conveyancing costs for the purchase of a new home.
  • The additional cost of purchasing a larger (more expensive) house.
  • Moving costs.
  • Mortgage refinancing costs.
  • Bridging costs (i.e. rent while you look for a new home if you sell before you buy, or mortgage payments on two properties if you buy before you sell).
  • The fact you will probably not find the ideal home and you’ll want to renovate it anyway…

When you include the fact that a larger house is more expensive, it’s not uncommon for the above costs to total €80,000 or more. Further, many of the above costs are “wasted” money, which you would have been able to put to better use increasing the size of your own home. Not only can a refresh be a more cost-effective option than moving, but you can also often remain in your existing home, enjoying the benefits that go along with it, and not having to deal with the stresses of moving.

Some beneficial points to consider about converting for new space:

  • Do you have children in nearby schools? No need to move/look for schools/new uniforms/friends tears…
  • Your garden, your neighbours, your family friends – do you want to restart it all?
  • Will you actually find a new home that suits your needs?
  • How much more would the ideal new home cost?
  • Is it likely you would want to renovate it anyway?

Attic conversions or extensions – the benefits:

Dublin home owners tend to believe that attic conversions and extensions are complex projects that need lots of your time to ensure planning and close supervision through all stages of the construction. If you hire qualified professionals that do this on a daily basis, in that case you are in safe hands. Our project management team will easily guide you through the design, make sure your needs are met, and look after every other aspect of the build. From stairs to doors, floors, electrics, certifications, fire coding and more, on that, we do it all!

We give upfront quotations and keep to these budgets. You can change aspects of the design throughout the build and get quotation changes if needed, of course only if you choose to. If no changes are required, the quotation stays the same, nothing easier! We are experts in all aspects of extensions and attic conversions and know how to expertly plan every aspect of your build. Good project management means that your renovation can be an enjoyable experience rather than the nightmare many self managed projects turn into.

Attic designing and building in Dublin are often separated but the best results happen when they are considered together. We are able to bring a designer into the project at an early stage when decisions are being made that drive a lot of the project scope and cost. Designers and builders bring different perspectives to the attic conversation. The designer will be able to paint the picture of the look and feel while the builder will be able to discuss the practicalities of various options. Getting a designer involved early helps with making critical trade off decisions and will contribute to a more successful outcome.

Area Attic Builders by a Area Carpenter service, just relax, and leave it to us!

Attic Conversion Specialists for Dublin

We have the experience to ensure your Attic Conversion looks fantastic, is delivered on time and on for your budget – simple!