We have all the knowledge and skills to manage all types of bedroom conversion projects. Whether you want to redesign or just enhance. As a matter of fact, our renovation specialists create bespoke fitted wardrobes in Dublin to enhance any room, including bedrooms. Our custom designed, fitted wardrobes are built and fitted by professional craftsmen who tailor make to your individual needs. 

Fitted Wardrobes Dublin

We create a wide range of fitted wardrobes all over Dublin. We make beautiful, made-to measure, handcrafted wardrobes to suit all tastes and budgets. We take great pride in what we do and always ensure that all of our work is tidy, has a perfect finish. Not to forget, we provide only honest prices. Another key point is that we have an impeccable work ethic and are always happy to serve you in all Dublin. We do this for affordable rates and have an unmatched level of quality. Please contact us with any questions you have

– We are here to help!

Sliding Door Wardrobes in Dublin

Sliding doors can give you access to a beautiful wardrobe or even a ‘his & her’ changing room. With this in mind, we combine stunning design and practicality  to make the best from all our sliding wardrobes. Custom design, of course clear focus on your needs, excellent carpentry and aspect often overlooked, affordable prices – simple!


Built in Wardrobes in Dublin

All of our walk-in wardrobes are individually made-to-measures to meet your needs and tastes. To emphasize is that we only use high-quality materials, local manufacturing and experienced carpenters to, actually, always give the best results.

Custom Built Wardrobes in Dublin

Custom built wardrobes make your bedroom look its best and chiefly, give you the space to store everything you need, from clothes to mirrors, we can create luxury in your home and space where you thought not possible! If you have questions, just contact us,

we are here to help, always!

Solid Wardrobes – Custom Built Carpentry

Solid wardrobes will never go out of fashion. We expertly fit all types and that’s a promise! If is it the case you have a design in mind or need restoration, be wise and look no further. Our experienced Dublin carpenters take the time to listen to your needs and, for this reason, to ensure that all our valued clients will call us, time and time again.

Bespoke Wardrobes for your Dublin home

Our bespoke wardrobes are made to ensure that your home always looks its best. We create them all over Dublin and do this for less than you think! Our carpentry and designs are tailor-made to give your home the look and space you deserve.

Walk in Wardrobes throughout Dublin

Our carpenters have years of experience creating ‘Walk-ins’ or ‘dressing rooms’. Our custom built walk-in wardrobes, just like all our bespoke carpentry, is built to your needs. We can create any shape or size, from a luxurious whole room to a compact corner closet! Contact Us to hear more.

Fitted Wardrobes in Dublin? What to consider…

If you would like a free, no-obligation initial design and build consultation to discuss your wardrobes, just get in touch. If you leave a message we will definitely contact you at a time that suits you…simple!


We can help you with every aspect of your homes design including bespoke, fitted wardrobes and so on. We are fast, clean, professionals who can match any styling of home or unique taste. The bedroom is where you spend most of your time in a home and due to this, why not make it designed around your needs. We custom create stylish and modern, retro/traditional, unique or standard, restyle, painted or classic, change presses or just add shelving. At the end of the day, the choices are really endless!


The key feature of all our custom designed wardrobes are our attention to detail obviously knowing our customers needs, what looks good and what looks great! We help with every aspect of the rooms design and help you choose the perfect fitted wardrobes for you.


The Essential Elements of Fitted Wardrobes in Dublin

Here are the 7 features of Fitted Wardrobes in Dublin


Fitted wardrobes in Dublin for more space

Freestanding wardrobes tend to have gaps above or to the side that usually end up with knickknacks and dust which is really not what we expect when we invest capital on anything regarding our beloved home. Fitted wardrobes are in fact, the complete opposite! They are tailored to fit the full height and of course even the width of your room. We custom build so even if your bedroom is an unusual shape, as facts shows, our fitted wardrobes will turn even the tightest corner into a workable home for belongings.

Fitted wardrobes can suit all budgets

Generally speaking, fitted wardrobes do not have to cost the earth. Although we always like to custom build for our customers, there are other options that we can provide. There are now a wide range of mass market fitted wardrobes, like IKEA wardrobes, that are sold by big furniture suppliers in Dublin. With that in mind, we can expertly fit any wardrobe that you have seen in these retailers. These fitted wardrobes usually need some customization. It happens that we are expert carpenters in Dublin, who are always happy to help and resolve any challenge that comes up.

Customization and colour of fitted wardrobes makes a big difference!

Handles, border colours, mirrors and accessories all make a big difference in the final look of your fitted wardrobe and ultimately is how your bedroom will look. As a result, we help with every aspect of your fitted wardrobe design and as our history demonstrates, have the experience to ensure that your bedroom looks the way you had in mind!

Style for tomorrow

It is important to understand that your fitted wardrobe will probably be in your Dublin bedroom for quite some time. Neutral colour schemes rather than passing trends is good practice but don’t worry – if you want something a little different, we are always happy to help!

Modern or Antique Finishes

Wardrobes can be created in all types of fashions from the very old to ultra-modern –  it all depends on your individual tastes. We can guide you through your choices and don’t worry, you are in safe hands!

Type of wood and type of varnish

Different woods have different looks, styles, grains and more. Hard woods tend to keep their shape and can be a little more expensive. Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF and cheaper alternatives may need a little more work to ensure that the finish gives you the look your bedroom deserves. No matter the type of wood or material used to create your fitted wardrobe, simple painting or varnishing will make it look exceptional and give it the durability that every fitter wardrobe needs.

Your taste is individual – so should your fitted wardrobe be!

While a custom built wardrobe may cost a little more, it will ultimately give the perfect look to your bedroom. Mass-market wardrobes will rarely fit perfectly into your room and even if you like D.I.Y., fitted wardrobes tend to be made from very heavy building blocks that can cause a lot of damage, dust or even injury. We have years of experience and always ensure that every build we do (including fitted wardrobes) is done carefully and precisely to ensure that your home only looks better once we are finished. We cover, clean, protect and treat your home with the respect that it deserves.

Trust us to improve your home’s value without any mess or trouble thus is what we have done for years and we still do! If you want more great fitted wardrobe ideas, please view our gallery.

When you’re ready to start designing dream fitted wardrobes in Dublin, schedule a free in-home design consultation. We’ll happily provide advice on the best options and finishes for your dream home!

Dublin Fitted Wardrobes by Expert Carpenters

We have the experience to ensure your fitted wardrobes looks fantastic, is created on time and on for your budget – simple!